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[click on picture for enlarged view - warning - huge file!]
Fall Out Pony - 2008
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Custom by Aikarin

One lonely October night, Fall Out Pony decided to make her escape.  After breaking the chains, she scurried across the laboratory toward freedom...

[click on picture for enlarged view]
Fall Out Pony is a "mutant" themed pony.  Ideas for this pony were generated when I found a "radioactive lime green" fakie at a dollar store.  She has an extra eye, right in the middle of her forehead.  It is slightly convex and it's my favorite feature. ^_^

I experimented with thicker lashes originally, but later changed them to more delicate looking ones.  Her eyeshadow is a contrasting bright orange.  Eyes have emerald green highlights on neon lime green base.  All three eyes were given a clear glossy coating.

[click on picture for enlarged view - warning - huge file!]
Her hair is a combination of orange and glow-in-the-dark saran.  The fakie base only had one row of hair, but I added a lot of extra hair plugs on both sides, so her mohawk is quite thick.  Her tail is rooted in the same colors and given a layered cut.

[click on picture for enlarged view - warning - huge file!]
I sculpted a cuff and chains on her rear hoof from two-part epoxy clay.  It was painted silver and given a darker "patina" in the recessed areas.  The pic to the left was taken under slightly different lighting conditions.

Fall Out Pony's symbol is a glittery design representing radioactivity.  It's slightly elevated over the pony's body, not flat like my other designs.


Fall Out Pony is a CUSTOM PONY, not affiliated with Hasbro, and this design will not be repeated.  She is signed and dated under one hoof.  She comes with an orange comb.

Please check the Customs For Sale page for availability.

Work-In-Progress pics:

Fakie base pony with Alphabittle.

With Hallow custom pony and original lashes.

The Third Eye & a wing experiment.

Wild hair.  Symbol in flat paints (before the glitter).

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