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Baby Sea Lettuce - 2008
Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Custom by Aikarin

A small tropical storm washed over the shores and the waves carried in a tiny little merpony.  The merpony's skin was pearly green and her shiny tail was covered with sparkles and tiny glass bubbles.  A tiny green glittered shell design marks her magnet hoof.

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This baby merpony wears a cute swirly wire bracelet adorned with chunky glass beads and light olivine Swarovski crystals.  The bracelet is removable.

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Her hair is nylon and rooted in four stripes: bright neon green, medium moss green, lighter spruce green with a touch of blue, and dark forest green.  The hair was twirled around a silver-tone wire "hair stick" topped with an olivine Swarovski crystal and a chunky clear glass bead.  A "twist" on the classic merpony bun. ^_^  No hairspray or elastic bands were used.  The hair was just wrapped, and then knotted at the base.
Baby Sea Lettuce's tail was sculpted from two-part epoxy over a wire base.  It was painted with many layers of glossy paint, then sprinkled with clear iridescent glitter and tiny clear glass beads.

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[click on picture for enlarged view - warning - huge file!]
The end of the tail is actually a neon greenish-yellow color, not as yellow as the pictures.
Baby Sea Lettuce was named for her ruffled tail, which does look a bit like a leaf of lettuce!
This merpony's eyes are dark green with a lime green ring near the pupil.  Her eyes were given a thick glossy topcoat.  She wears a subtle layer of sheer green iridescent eyeshadow.  Lashes were painted in black.

Baby Sea Lettuce is a CUSTOM PONY, not affiliated with Hasbro, and this design will not be repeated.  She is signed and dated under one hoof.

Please check the Customs For Sale page for availability.

Work-In-Progress pics & commentary:

The sculpting was a lot easier because of the small size.  The attachment of the tail to the body is the hardest part.  I'm not 100% happy with the tip of the tail.  It has a wire mesh base as well.  The mesh limits how thin and "natural" the tail looks. 

I do like the gradient paint job, though.  I selected a green to yellow gradient to complement the pony's pearly green base.  The overall package is like a small, adorable jewel. ^_^

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