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[click on picture for enlarged view - warning - huge file!]

Eferia - 2007

Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro
Design by Eferia
Custom by Aikarin

Eferia is the pony persona of a dedicated pony collector.  She's quite a character, with her custom knit leg warmers!  White base color is original.


[click on picture for enlarged view - warning - huge file!]
Eferia has a pair of micro fiber leg warmers on her back hooves.  It's cold where she comes from!

She also sports a bracelet on her left front hoof.  It's sculpted from epoxy clay and painted black with silver highlights.

[click on picture for enlarged view] would Hasbro ever create a pony with such a dangerous symbol? ^_~ It's gotta be a custom! Eferia's eyes are green with slivers of blue.  Her eyeshadow is a pale pearl beige.  She has a dark brown beauty mark near the corner of her right eye.  Her lashes are bold and black. Her hoof mark is a fish skeleton with dead eyes.  Ewwww.


 Eferia's NDS eye.  Here, you can see her sculpted bracelet extends all around her hoof.  She is signed & dated under one hoof.  This design is a ONE of a KIND CUSTOM PONY and will not be repeated.

[click on picture for enlarged view - warning - huge file!]

A concept sketch.  This pony doesn't exist in real life. ^_^

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