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Memento - 2006
"Memories on bat wings"
3rd generation dark custom pony

Designed by Aikarin

Memento's design initially came from an original Aikarin sketch for her symbol.  Lockets that look like locks are quite popular these days...this is a little twist on them. ^_^  Bats lift the locket into the dark skies above glittery moon.

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Memento's hair is 100% straightened Kanekalon.  It is black with random highlights of deep purple and dark burgundy interspersed throughout her mane.  Her hair is extra long and done in ringlets. ^_^

Her legs have distinctive lace-like patterns which match her symbols.  They were painted completely freehand, so there is some variations between the designs. ^_^  They also have a tiny sprinkling of iridescent glitter.

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Memento's eyes mimic those of real horse eyes, with an addition of copper highlights!  They are dazzling in real life when they catch the light. ^_^  Her eyeshadow is also dark shades of gray and purple.  She wears a metal key on a dark metallic seed bead choker.  It is removable.

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Memento's forehead design was inspired by a stained glass window in a cathedral.  It was painted completely freehand.  After completion, it was very lightly dusted in iridescent glitter.

Three bats fly over a purple glittered moon in Memento's symbol.  The bats snatched the heart shaped locket!  The bat wings are shaded with hatch marking.

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Memento's wings are made from translucent hand-made paper.  It has delicate "veining" in it.  The wings are fully wired, so they are carefully poseable.  The wings are securely integrated into the pony's back and not removable. 

Memento was carefully inserted into her original box.  A custom printed front label was added.  The background of the label is a lace-print pattern. ^_^  She also has a lavender brush.
[box pics respectfully removed due to legal concerns]

Memento is an original Aikarin design - she will NOT be repeated.  She is signed & dated under one hoof.  She is NOT FOR SALE.

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