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Dancing Bats - a Halloween My Little Pony 2004 Dancing Bats

Custom Modified Pony
NOT Affiliated with Hasbro

Design & Custom Work
by Aikarin

A cold wind howls through the night.  Well, it actually isn't that cold since we're in California ^_~

With Halloween right around the corner, I decided to make a 3rd generation version of my Dancing Bats.

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This Dancing Bats is a rather experimental pony.  New techniques were used to make her velvety wings & dyed punk style hair.

She is made from a fuchsia colored base pony.

A hoof "bat", instead of a heart, designates the side with the magnet.

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Dancing Bat's Left Eye "Batty", as she is affectionately called, has three piercings.  Two wire loops adorn her left ear and one sits in the right one.  The decorative beads are sterling silver, but the wire is not.  No, they're not real human earrings. ^_^

Her eyes are rather strange...featuring dark burgundy swirls, a large pupil, thick eyeliner,  and funky parallel eyelashes!

Dancing Bats' Forehead Design Dancing Bats' forehead has a strange bat/bird design in a multitude of deep colors.  Painted freehand with a tiny brush, it was originally supposed to cover up the "bumps" left from removing the forehead glitter.  Yes, I did get a little carried away!  There's a bit of light glare above her eye.  Dancing Bats prefers to wear her bangs down.  They were moved aside just for this picture ^_^

<--click on pic for enlarged view

Dancing Bats' punk dyed hair! Her hair is one of my favorite parts.  It is re-rooted from two different shades of red saran hair & cut in a ragged style.  I rooted many extra plugs on the top of her head to make it look fuller.  The roots are dyed black, as you can see in this picture.  The effect is awesome in real life!  I love how shiny this hair is ^_^
Hard to see the deep roots in this viewpoint, since the layering covers it up.  Notice the tail also shades from a deeper red at the base!  Dancing Bats' wild mane ends just a touch above the ground.


<--click on pic for enlarged view

Dancing Bats Velvet Wings Batty's wings are made from super soft, plush Italian velvet.  The good stuff!  They have wire "bones" within, so they are fully poseable.  The wings were based on those of real bats.

Mmmmm...velvet wings.

Velvet Wings

Dancing Bats' Moon & Bats symbol

A close-up of her sparkly symbol, which features three black bats dancing in the silver moonlight.  There's some glare in the silver part.  It looks much better in real life!  Made of pure flat micro-glitter in silver & midnight black.  Her hoof symbol is also black glitter.

Dancing Bats Unfinished

Here's a pic before completion.  Her hair hasn't been dyed yet.  I decided against adding vampire fangs, even though they would have worked well with her open mouth.

I'm pleasantly surprised by how this experimental pony turned out!

Dancing Bats is NOT FOR SALE.

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