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First off, I have to show off my own spinning wheel =)
It's an Ashford Traveller, made in New Zealand.  This is a "castle" style wheel with the bobbin on the top.  It's not like the one Sleeping Beauty used.
It has a dark colored stain making it look like an antique, but it's only about 10 years old.

How did I pick this wheel?  Let's start off by saying there is NO universal "perfect" wheel.  Everybody has different tastes & needs & budget perfect wheel is probably not the same as the next spinner's.  I picked this one because it's small (my home is tiny) and it's portable.   I also liked the way it looked =)  It's easy to use & replacement parts/bobbins are easy to find.  AND I got a great price for it!

*pic coming soon* My spinning wheel tools:
Hanging from my wheel is an "orifice hook" or a threading hook to pull the yarns through.  I made this one myself from braided copper wire (I was into wire jewelry making) and some lampworked beads.  Heh, it's a little bent from my "one-step" threading =)
I also have a pair of scissors for cutting yarn to tie figure-eights around my finished skeins.  This keeps them from getting tangled.
*pic coming soon* Leaning against my wheel is my Niddy Noddy - a device to wind yarn into skeins.  It's just made from regular unstained wood.  The two end pieces are removable for easy storage.  I normally just twist one end flat & hang it on the wall.   It's from Ashford too...really inexpensive & a great time saver.  Anyone starting spinning should get's a billion times better than using the back of a chair!
One loop around the "niddy" is 5 feet or 1.5 metres.  This makes it easy to calculate yardage on a skein.
*pic coming soon* My wheel has a built-in-bobbin rack.  I have a bunch of bobbins & it seems like I can never get enough.  To make a two-ply yarn, you need at least 3 bobbins.  I have a Lazy Kate too...they're not really lazy since they hold onto the bobbins =)
**Always remember to take the tension off when you stop spinning**

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