My Little Pony - My Little Pony
Remember My Little Pony - a popular toy of the 80's?  Now, they're making a huge comeback as collectables!






Welcome to the Virtual Farm!

I'm Aikarin and I live in a suburb.  There's no way for me to actually raise sheep. My fibers are grown elsewhere & they are spun here.  Also, I collect My Little Ponies & receive so many of them in the mail that my mailman says I run a ranch ^_^

I would also love to hear your comments.  Drop me a line at

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Spinning Fiber & Yarn Spinning Fiber & Yarn
I've always had an obsession with yarn, now I spin my own from wool and alpaca fibers!

handmade soap

Handmade Soap
Soapmaking - both melt and pour glycerin soap and old school cold process soap.

Lightsaber Gallery

Lightsaber Gallery
My dad's hobby - replica lightsaber props.  These aren't for sale, I'm just hosting his Star Wars Episode 1 lightsaber gallery.
Current eBay Auctions & Trading Assistant Info Current eBay Auctions & Trading Assistant Info
See what I'm selling or hire me as an eBay Trading Assistant!