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Cabled Tabi Socks
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Completed April 2007

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Yarn: ArtYarns Supermerino in handpainted purple.  One skein per sock
Needles: Addi Turbo circular 3.0mm (size 2) x 100cm (about 40")

Other tools: row markers and knit counter

Gauge: 6-6.5 stitches/inch in stockinette

Project notes: This is a fusion of two toe-up sock patterns from - Widdershins & Lickety Split.  I used the Magic Cast-On (definitely worth learning!) and fudged the numbers for the heel turning with some help from this blog.  No detailed notes posted, since there were so many cross-outs and scribbles, I'm not even sure what I did!!  Argh!  I must have re-knit the toes 5x each, because the size wasn't right.

I do think I botched the heel flaps.  Instead of slip1, k1 repeat - I only slipped the first stitch.  Oh well...they still turned out okay.  Also, I had to fudge the number of stitches in the leg section to get the cabling pattern right.  LOL!!
The leg section starts with 23 stitches in the front and 23 stitches in the back.  k2tog to get 45 stitches, which is divisible by 3 (the number of stitches in the cable repeat).

These socks were knit with the Magic Loop technique.  Works very well on 100cm Addi Turbos. ^_^

[click for enlarged pic]

These socks still turned out well, despite all of the headaches.  They will be for my mom, so she can wear them inside the house with sandals.  I think they might be a bit big for her, since they fit me okay and I have bigger feet! ^_^
I love ArtYarns Supermerino.  It's springy and the hand-painted look gives the socks some character.  However, I heard they don't wear all too well.

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