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My So Called Scarf
Pattern from Sheep in the City Blog
Completed September 2007

[click for enlarged pic]

Yarn: Merino Bulky Knitting Yarn (2 skeins in Frutos del Bosque) 100grams/165 yards per skein

Needles: KnitPicks Options US size 11 used as single points

Other tools: none

Gauge:  n/a

Finished size: 5.5" to 6" wide x 70" long

Pattern: located here

Project notes: This kettle-dyed super-soft Merino from rural Urguay is quite delightful to knit with.  One skein had a knot in it - I tried a felted join, but that didn't look right.  So, I just used a standard join where I wove in the ends.  Back side looks like garter stitch, so it's easy to hide the ends.  The color is a deep red burgundy wine - there is hardly any purple in it!  It smelled a bit like vinegar when I received it, so I washed the skein gently prior to knitting.  Doesn't smell like anything right now.

This pattern is super easy to memorize and it's knit on the short edge (NOT lengthwise).  I knit most of it while talking on the phone.  It flares just a touch at the ends.  The bind-off I used was almost in the pattern on the right side. K1, slip 1, pass right needle stitch over the slipped stitch, K1, pass right needle stitch over the newly knit stitch.

This scarf will be a gift for one of my best buddies and old roommie.

This scarf is quite stretchy.  It can probably loop around the neck twice.  It is super, super warm!  And super cuddly!  I'd definitely use this yarn again.  Awww...I wish I could keep it!  ^_^

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