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Short Row Scarf
Pattern by Karen Baumer
Completed April 2007

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Yarn: Paton's Soy Wool Stripes in Natural Plum, two skeins.  SWS is 70% wool and 30% soy.

Needles: KnitPicks Options US size 10.5 used as single points

Other tools: none

Gauge: garter stitch about 5-6 st/inch

Pattern: located here
Here's an alternate version that looks a little different.

Project notes: I've always wanted to try this yarn, since I heard so much about it.  It is loosely spun, so it's easy to split the yarn with your needles, if you're not careful or using pointy needles! The yarn is self-striping in a predictable pattern (the colors seem to follow in the same order).  When I changed colors, I looked for the right spot in the new skein and felt-spliced it.  Soy silk gives it a bit of shine and "crunch".

This pattern is a LOT easier than it looks.  Pretty mindless knitting in garter stitch, then ssk across the gap made by short rowing.  Be sure to start new triangles on the lower portion.  If you start near the top, it won't look right.

[click for enlarged pic]

This skinny scarf looks pretty nice and the color striping ALMOST fits perfectly into the short-row triangles.  This pattern can be adapted for use with any type of yarn.  About part-way thorough, I reversed the striping pattern & spliced the yarn.  The color repeats are NOT exactly a mirror image, but the transitions look very good.  I used the modified ending, so the last triangle will look like the first.

This yarn is nice, but it is a tad scratchy.  Softens after washing.  Finished object measures 6' x 4".  I love the colors! ^_^
This item was gently washed and blocked.
This item is a gift for my long-time buddy Amber.

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