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Garterlac Dishcloth
Pattern from Criminy Jickets Blog
Completed September 2007

[click for enlarged pic]

Yarn: Peaches & Creme 4 ply worsted 100% cotton yarn from Wally World.  2 ounces (not quite the whole skein)

Needles: KnitPicks Options US size 7 used as single points

Other tools: none

Gauge:  n/a

Finished size: 8" square

Pattern: located here

Project notes: This pattern is my first foray into the world of entrelac.  Looks way more complicated than it actually is.  Yarn is special effort needed on my part.  Entrelac is more time consuming than regular knitting, though.

When picking up the stitches, I found it was easier just to pick up a stitch under one strand, versus two.  With two strands, the piece doesn't really lay flat.

This item is going to be a gift for my mum.

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