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Beaded Clutch Purse
Finished November 2006

Yarn: Lion Brand Homespun in a neutral ivory color

Needles: US 10 bamboo circulars

Other tools: row markers and knit counter, pair of wooden dowels, 66 glass e-beads 

Gauge: roughly 12 sts = 4" in stockinette stitch (3 st = 1")

[click on pic for enlarged view]

CO 88 st in the round
work stockinette stitch approx 5"

place stitch marker at beginning of round
beaded row: k6, [place a bead, k1] repeat until 16 beads are placed, k1, place stitch marker, k12,  [place a bead, k1] repeat until 16 beads are placed, k6
next row: k7, [place a bead, k1] repeat until 15 beads are placed, stitch marker, k12, stitch marker, k1 [place a bead, k1] repeat until 15 beads are placed, k until next marker (end of round)
k until 6 st before end of round marker.

[click on pic for enlarged view]

Place different colored stitch markers where the outer panels meet the sides.
m = marker
m - 12 st (side) - m - front panel - m - 12 st (side) - m - back panel

short row, extending the front panel and joining it to the sides:
flip work to WS.
WS: p until 1 st from marker. remove marker.  p2tog, replace marker, p1
flip back to RS
[RS: slip 1st st knitwise, k until 1 st away from marker, remove marker, k2tog, replace marker, k1.
WS: slip 1st st purlwise. p until 1 st from marker. p2tog, replace marker, p1]
repeat these two rows until you reach the back panel.
In each row, you will be knitting or purling the two st on either side of the marker together.  Much like heel turning when making socks!
use 2 needle bind off to finish the bag.

[click on pic for enlarged view]

Sew fabric into a rectangle about the same size as the bag.  Seam up the edges.  Hand stitch to bag about 1/5" from the top.  It's best to use coordinating colors, since it may show through the knitting.

Attaching handles:
Use a embroidery needle to whip stitch the handle into place.  Handles are wooden dowels which were painted dark brown with acrylic paint and sealed with a matte sealer.

This bag turned out okay.  I wish the bottom would sit flat...perhaps the next one will have some interfacing or stiff cardboard built into the bottom.  However, it does look good when there are things inside the bag.
The beads worked great!  Alternately, I could have made a pouch or hat with beads too!

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