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Qui-Gon Episode 1 Lightsaber Replica, Version 1:

q1.jpg (5130 bytes)

This is an unfinished saber.  The edges of the aluminum will be rounded off a bit.  Also note the red knurled button!

q2.jpg (5076 bytes)

We also plan to make the slots on the aluminum a bit wider, perhaps 1/2".  Yes!  It also fits on a belt clip!


Qui-Gon Episode 1 Lightsaber Replica: Version 2

The edges are now rounded.  This saber has a 1" opening at the emitter end.
<-- Click on picture for close-up view.

The slots are wider and the charging port is also larger in this version.
<-- Click on picture for close-up view.

Another pic of the side.
<-- Click on picture for close-up view.

red2.gif (7973 bytes)

Close-up of a red anodized button.  It's not a cheesy paint's the real thing :)  Beautiful knurled "diamond" pattern around the button.

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