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Obi-Wan Episode 1 Lightsaber Replica: Version 1

obisaber.jpg (10276 bytes)

Our first attempt at this replica.

os1.jpg (8523 bytes)

A close-up of the emitter end.

os2.jpg (9739 bytes)

The hand grip.  The metal part seen on the inside is highly polished stainless steel.  Expensive, but very nice.

os3.jpg (24195 bytes)

Yet another picture of the first prototype.  The buttons are not in the right places and the end knob needs to be fixed.

Obi-Wan Episode 1 Lightsaber Version 2:

The metal pieces in the pommel are square and the recharge port has been moved.

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os5.gif (16826 bytes)

The belt clip / recharge port is on the back of the saber.  It snaps nicely onto a belt clip.

The emitter end has two buttons, the red button and the brass one.   The notch lines up with the center line of the saber.

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brass2.gif (6654 bytes)  red2.gif (7973 bytes)

Close-ups of the two buttons used on this saber.  Notice the funky knurled diamond cut on the sides!  The red button is not painted - it is actually anodized red. 
Brass Knurled Knob - this knob is 0.5" in diameter and 0.25" thick.  The stem length is 0.25".
Red Anodized Knurled Knob -this knob is 0.6" in diameter and 0.25" thick.   The stem length is 0.25". 

Ah, here it is.  The completed lightsaber.   People who have seen it say it REALLY looks like a weapon, not a cheesy toy :)

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Another pic of the saber.  Nice view of the super shiny stainless steel insert.

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