Twinkle Eyed Ponies Year 4: Gingerbread, Whizzer, Galaxy, Sweet Pop,
Speedy, Sweet Stuff, Fizzy, Masquerade, Sky Rocket
Year 5: Locket, Bright Eyes, Mimic, Tic-Tac-Toe, Quackers
Party Gift Pack: Party Time
General Info: The Twinkle Eyed ponies are often known by the abbreviation "TE" in the pony community.  TEs have multi-colored manes & tails.  Their most distinctive features are their eyes...which look like plastic rhinestones.  The eyes are coated with a layer of rainbow iridescent glaze, much like those on flutter pony wings.   Oftentimes, this layer is worn off during play and is only visible at the edges of the eyes.

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Stats:  There are 15 TEs total.  Twinkle eyed ponies were available in years 4 & 5, and also the Party Gift Pack.    The ones in year 5 are harder to find and more expensive, especially the highly sought after TE Mimic - a melon green unicorn with a red parrot for a symbol.

Baby TE ponies were never produced by Hasbro..
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Cleaning:  NO BLEACH or abrasives.  These products will remove the eye coating!