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Handpainted silk roving in yummy colors.  This picture shows a tiny sampler - only weighs about 0.1 oz!  I call these things "cinnamon rolls"...everyone seems to display their silk roving this way to show off the colorways.

Tussah silk is extremely light & airy.  It has a very slight crimp to it, making it easy to draft.  I think it's easier to spin than Alpaca, which is extremely slick.  Pros will have no problem spinning this stuff.  With a careful touch, even beginners can produce a gorgeous yarn.

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Here are a few tips:
1. Predraft the roving - gently pull it lengthwise to make the fibers thin out slightly.
2. I usually spin a finer yarn than wool, so it requires more of a twist to hold the fibers together.  Don't be afraid of over-twisting, as some of it will be lost during plying.
3. Hold your fingers about 2 inches apart when drafting and let the fibers slide across.   If you hold your fingers too far apart, the fibers will drift apart completely!

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Here's a pic after I finished spinning this stuff on a drop spindle.  Amazing how different this looks.  The colors become darker as the fibers are compressed.  I used the Navajo 3-ply technique to preserve the color sequence.

The picture doesn't capture the luster this yarn has.  It's absolutely stunning!  I wish you could reach out & feel this stuff - it's heavenly!

Handpainted Tussah Silk Rovings "Cinnamon Rolls"
Get them before they're all gone!  I only have 4 in stock takes a while to dye these things! =)

"Summer's Dance" - VERY vibrant bold colors - bright crimson, cobalt blue, lemon yellow and a few blends in between!  All the colors of the rainbow.

Summer's Dance roll #1 - 0.9 ounces

Summer's Dance roll #2 - 1.0 ounces
Summer's Dance roll #3 - 1.1 ounces
This one isn't quite as bright as the other two in a few areas.  The red is pretty noticeable, though!
"Twilight Spring" - this colorway features pastel shades of baby blue and light raspberry.

Twilight Spring roll #1 - 1.1 ounces

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