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I'm not a dealer of spinning fibers, but I usually end up buying waaaaaay more than I can use. 
Here are some offerings from my own fiber collection.
Some may be limited in quantity.

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Cheviot Wool Clouds - Creamy White - medium length medium softness wool.  Finer than average Cheviot.  Great for sweaters, outerwear, perhaps socks.  Washed by me with mild soap & locks flicked open - ready for carding or spinning directly.

*pic coming soon*

Tussah Silk Roving - White - very soft & shiny tussah silk.  High quality, smooth, easy-to-draft silk.  NOT a pile of neps or ends!  Great for dyeing, blending, or spinning straight.  Adds softness to any type of wool!

*pic coming soon*

Cedar Chips - okay, so this isn't a spinning fiber.  I happen to have lot of these (I bought a gigantic bag).  They are extremely clean & fresh.  Want some?
Just 25 cents an ounce.  Add a little bit to your order!

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